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Where can I buy absinthe?

We recommend for the widest range of modern and vintage absinthes from around the world, and Absinthe Classics for a selection of only the very finest French and Swiss absinthes. has also surely your new favourite absinthe fountain, absinthe glass and absinthe carafe!

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Is absinthe legal in my country?

Probably. In the last decade, regulatory authorities all over the world have come to the realization that the reasons for the banning of absinthe a century ago were specious, and had little to do with any inherent danger on the product, and everything to do with the fevered prohibitionist politics of the time. Absinthe with less than 35mg/l of thujone is legal throughout the EU, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In many countries - Spain, Portugal, the UK - absinthe was never banned in the first place. It's been re-legalised in France and Switzerland. Absinthe with less than 10mg/l is legal in Canada, Australia, most of South America, and Japan. Most recently, absinthes with less than 10mg/l of thujone have become legal for sale in the USA as well. Read more about absinthe and thujone.

Do your absinthes contain high levels of thujone?

Genuine distilled absinthes today contain exactly the same levels of thujone as the famous brands of the pre-ban era - generally between just under 10mg/l and 35mg/l.

This has been confirmed by repeated independent testing. The myth that absinthes contained very high levels of thujone is just that, a myth, derived from a single long discredited 1970's journal article. The reality is that well made absinthes, both modern and vintage, contain only moderate levels of thujone. Modern absinthes that purport to contain very high levels of thujone - in some notorious cases, claims of over 100mg - are historically inauthentic, and vile tasting. They're usually produced by adding liquid thujone or thuja oil directly to the final distillate, a travesty of good distilling practice. Learn more about absinthe and thujone.

I don't like anise. Which absinthe should I buy?

Probably none. While levels vary considerably, all genuine absinthe contains anise. Absinthe without anise isn't absinthe, it's a herbal bitter, similar to Jagermeister and suchlike. If you don't enjoy at least a mild taste of anise, you won't enjoy the taste of real absinthe.

Do you sell original absinthe antiques?

Yes. For high-quality replica spoons, absinthe glasses and fountains, go to our Virtual Absinthe Museum Web Shop Web Shop. You'll also find a unique range of posters here, together with absinthe-related books, CDs and movies. For vintage absinthe antiques, go to our sister site Absinthe Originals.

Is it possible to taste pre-ban vintage absinthe?

With patience and deep pockets, yes it is. Go to Vintage Absinthe For Sale on our Virtual Absinthe Museum site, and add your name to our mailing list. Expect to pay $150 to $300 for a small sample, and well into four figures for a full size bottle. Although we are constantly searching throughout France and Switzerland for vintage pre-ban bottles, we always have a waiting list of potential clients, so you may have to wait a few months - or longer - before we're able to offer you something.

Who are we?

The Absinthe Spoon is part of RUEVERTE, a UK-based company operating in the field of absinthe, rare and ancient spirits, and vintage wine. We have offices in the UK, France and Germany, and are proud co-owners of the historic Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot in Pontarlier, one of only two French absinthe distilleries surviving from the pre-ban era. We are proprietors of the Virtual Absinthe Museum, the centre for historical research on absinthe, and also operate Fee Verte, the oldest, biggest and busiest absinthe forum, Absinthe Originals which sells authentic Belle Epoque era absinthe antiques, selling the widest range of Absinthes and Accessories, Absinthe Classics which sells a select range of the finest absinthes, and Finest & Rarest which deals in rare and ancient spirits, some dating back as far as the late 18th century.

With 10 years of experience, RUEVERTE is the most respected and the most trusted name in absinthe today.

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